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mis-on-e-fatbike.jpg rents and organizes adventures with electric fat bikes. A fatbike allows you to choose challenging and so far unreachable landscapes, which means you see Estonia from an angle you have never seen before.


An e-fatbike has an assisting engine, which supports you up to 25 km/h. This means that you have to do the pedalling, but the engine is there to help you pass longer distances. Even more you can organize a trip with all your friends - if you are the sporty spice you can switch the engine off, while your posh spice can use the boost function, in that way you can enjoy a nice day together, while both getting from it exactly what expected.


The Tunturi eMAX elektrilised fatbike jalgrattad has collected their own tracks, which you can easily follow on your google maps. If you feel like exploring other parts of Estonia, reach us out, and we can design an adventure just for you - e-mail and phone +372 5691 9100.

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