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Team events and
hiking packages

Get in touch and we will organize an extraordinary experience for your team!

mystical bog hike and "pop-up forest restaurant"

Great for getting familiar with a very unique bog landscape and being physically active.

How do we do it?

Our guide takes you on a walk in boglands with bogshoes, while recounting tales about life in the bogs and their heritage. In the right season you can pick wild cranberries right at your feet. From a watchtower you can enjoy the special beauty of the landscape from a bird’s eye view.



  • 4-5 hours

  • Price per person from 85€ (+VAT)Minimum group of 15 or price 1,275€ (+VAT)

  • Possibility of swimming in bog pools in summertime

  • Hiking trails of varying difficulty across Estonia

  • Catering after the hike - "pop-up forest restaurant" 


ghostly lantern hikes

Great for being physically active during the darker seasons.


How do we do it?

We guide walks by the glowing light of lanterns and tell evocative stories about nature and ghosts.



  • 3 hours

  • Price from 35€ (+VAT) per participant. Minimum group of 15 or minimum price of 525€ (+VAT)

  • Hiking trails of varying difficulty across Estonia

  • Can be combined with catering and campfire 

  • Choice of a hike on foot or on bogshoes


BOGshoeing or Hike on foot with CATERING and sauna

Great for getting out of the routine and being physically active.

How do we do it?

We guide a walk or bogshoe hike in nature so that you can observe and enjoy the surroundings. The guide shares interesting stories about nature and heritage.


  • 5 hours

  • Price per person from 69€ (+VAT)

  • Minimum group of 15, price from 1035€ (+VAT)

  • Snacks, a warm filling and dessert

  • 5 hours

  • If desired, it is also possible to organize team games, photographer, transport

jalgsimatk, räätsamatk, soomatk

team competition with Electric fatbikes

Great for getting out of the routine and bringing
some adrenaline to life.

How do we do it?

We ride electric fatbikes, which help the cyclist to pedal, climb and cross more demanding terrains. Each team member can compete with other participants. The adrenaline boost is a bonus!


  • Price per person from 279€ (+VAT)

  • Minimum group size 10 people

  • Marked track and timing

matk elektriliste fatbike ratastega

in forests and quarries

Great for adventure and bringing some adrenaline to life. 


How do we do it?

Experiencing enduro adventures in designated areas (forests or quarries) makes you forget everything else and truly enjoy every step of the journey. You can choose among treks of various levels of difficulty – this ensures thrills and challenges for both experts and beginners. An adrenaline boost is guaranteed!


  • Price per person from 299€ (+VAT)

  • The price includes a motorcycle, fuel, tour guideprepared track, equipment, a meal and sauna (2h)

enduro mootorratta matk
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