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Adventure Tourism Development in Kose Parish

Adventure Tourism Development in Kose Parish

Summary of the project's activities and objectives:

NWR Holding OÜ is keen to establish its business central location in the village of Karla, Kose Parish, Estonia. There has been no such venue so far. The project will carry out the investments necessary for developing and promoting a unique and innovative adventure tourism service both in the region and in Estonia. Equipment is provided to provide motorcycle and off-road bike tours, as well as equipment for the maintenance and storage of bikes. The prerequisite for offering trips is the existence of a diverse and exciting local natural resource (forest roads, bogs, swamps and quarries). As a result of the project, the number of domestic and foreign tourists in the region will increase, contributing to the region's reputation and boosting local business and cooperation. Organizing domestic and international competitions will increase the awareness of the area outside Estonia.

MEASURE: LEADER Project Support, Measure 2 Entrepreneurship Development

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